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Word Study Scavenger Hunt

Word study Scavenger Hunt Word Study Scavenger HuntSourceDIGRAPHS TRIGRAPHS SILENT LETTER DIGRAPHS r-CONTROLLED r-CONTROLLED ursh th ch ph tch dge wh kn wr gn mn mb ng nk ar as in are or as in or er ir ur or arpg pattern Word pg pattern Word pg pattern Source Word pg pattern Word pg pattern Word LONG VOWELa a ae ai ay ea LONG VOWELe e ee ee ea ie y LONG VOWEL...

brown23.org/Word_Workouts_-_for_Beginning_Readers_&_Spe...venger hunt.pdf
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Computer Scavenger Hunt

Computer Scavenger Hunt by Cindy O'Hora Computer Scavenger Hunt by Cindy O HoraPuzzles CivicsInternet HuntsProjectsNature Database Studies PA Projects Problem Based Learning Computers HomeHistoryComputer Scavenger Hunt by Cindy O HoraSearching this computer Hunt could make you more knowledgeable about the computer than yourteacher Go for it Bookmark this page Use the links to go to a site that has...

nplainfield.org/cms/lib5/NJ01000402/Centricity/ModuleIn...enger Hunt .pdf
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Unit 1 Scavenger Hunt

Microsoft Word - Careers with Kids Scavenger Hunt.doc Careers with KidsNameScavenger HuntYou will be going on a Scavenger Hunt to find rules and regulations about dailyroutines and schedules found in Wisconsin s Administrative rules for childcareDIRECTIONS Use the licensing rule book for group day care centers andlocate the answers to the following questions1 Each group day care center shall have ...

teachers.oregon.k12.wi.us/weinert/Unit 1 Scavenger Hunt...venger Hunt.pdf
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Website Scavenger Hunt

Microsoft Word - Website Scavenger Hunt.doc Website Scavenger HuntInstructions You need to log on to the website located at www classroomofchaos com From this siteyou will be able to find the answers to each of the items below Make sure that you get this finishedBEFORE the first day of school1 If you have email send Mr Z a note to show that you found his email address If you don t have emaildon t ...

classroomofchaos.com/PDFFORMS/TeacherForms/Website Scav...venger Hunt.pdf
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Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt List

Valentine s Day Scavenger Hunt List Try to find and collect as many items on the list as you can There are also bonus tasks complete asmany of these as you can too Bonus points will be awarded based on creativity how funny they are etcItem ItemCupid Red candlesBow Valentine s Day wrapping paperArrow Red or pink tissue paperHeart VaseChocolate Stuffed animal with a heart on itQueen of Hearts playin...

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Scavenger Hunt Instructions

4 0 Scavenger Hunt DataDirector 4 0 Scavenger Hunt Instructions1 After logging in click the App Switcher2 Click the Assessment icon3 Click Switch to list view4 Select Social Studies as the Subject 5th as the grade and clickSearchPage 14 0 Scavenger Hunt5 You should see the Scavenger Hunt Assessment Click it and readthe description for your next cluePage 2......

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Scavenger Hunt Park

Park Scavenger Hunt Scavenger Hunt at the parkAsk an adult to take you on a walk or drive to the parkIt is good to be aware of our surroundings The spies who were sent intoJericho had to be aware of what was around them See how many of the fol-lowing objects you can findmaple treewooden fencecar with an out-of-state license platebirdfeathersomeone walking a dogsidewalk chalkbaby strollerbasketball...

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Human Scavenger Hunt Activity

HUMAN Scavenger Hunt: Find someone who… HUMAN Scavenger Hunt Find someone whoThe purpose of this activity is to get the group involved with each other by interviewing theirpeers in a round robin affair or in a setting such as the speed dating routine where half thegroup sits at a desk and the other half rotates to each person by means of a timer the facilitatorcontrols The interviewees respond ...

lassencoe.net/tfree/6-8/lessons/HUMAN SCAVENGER HUNT Ac...NT Activity.pdf
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Bps Scavenger Hunt Revised

- BPS Photography Scavenger Hunt - November 20121 Burnaby Minor Hockey Player -How could I have missed this one A picture of a player in a game at one of the Burnaby rinks Must begame time and an action shot no fights allowed no not even between the parents2 Old structure in sepia -Could be historical could be disrepair you decide3 Neon sign -Do they still make these4 A car part any part but only ...

burnabyphotographicsociety.com/pdfs/BPS Scavenger Hunt ...t (revised).pdf
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Scavenger Hunt Post Card Bacl

Scavenger Hunt post card bacl Candy Clark Boutique s SUMMER Scavenger HUNTVisit Candy Clark Boutique for your weekly Scavenger Hunt Clue Boutique HoursStop hunting for Tuesday Friday 11 00 am 5 00 pmunique women s clothing Find 7 out of 10 week s items and you re automatically entered into a Saturday 11 00 am 3 00 pmaccessories jewelry and Hours by Appointmentgift items Visit drawing for a 1 000 C...

candyclarkboutique.com/scavenger hunt post card bacl.pd...t card bacl.pdf
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Getting To Know You Scavenger Hunt List

Getting To Know You Scavenger Hunt List Find someone who NameHas been on TVIs a twinHas gone skydivingHas broken more than 3 bones in their lifeHas green eyesOwns a green carHas 4 brothers and sistersHas never watched Star WarsIs wearing red socksDoesn t like cheeseWas born in a different countryCan play the pianoHas a photo in their wallet purse not on phoneOwns a pet that isn t a cat or dogWould...

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Enhanced Nlp Scavenger Hunt Study Guide

Enhanced NLP Scavenger Hunt Communication Essentials Graduation Scavenger HuntIn my article 7 Tips for the NLP Beginner I gave some practical tips for you as aCommunication Essentials graduate to continue your learning and practice out into your lifeYou can access that article herehttp enhancednlp com 7-tips-for-the-nlp-beginnerThis article is my attempt to assist you with tip number one Take Baby...

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Qr Scavenger Hunt

Quadrilaterals QR Scavenger Hunt.notebook Quadrilaterals QR Scavenger Hunt notebook August 03 2013QR ChallengeQuadrilateral Scavenger HuntQR Codes for Teachers Use the Group starting codes to start the lessonQuadrilateralPlace the Quiz Questions around the room or schoolNote each of the QR codes is a text file There is a couple of web sites for the mobile devicesto connect to the internet to decod...

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2010 Tourism Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt FINAL.pub Geauga County Tourism sScavenger HuntUse your Geauga County Visitors Guide to visit the 10 stops belowand answer the questions complete return by Oct 161 They were once used to hold ripe red fruit Now they have a different use at the BlueJay Orchard Farm Market What are they 2 New Direction Photography has just celebrated their 1st Anniversary What is the nameof their gree...

geaugaparkdistrict.org/documents/2010 Tourism Scavenger...venger Hunt.pdf
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Chemistry Scavenger Hunt Worksheet Food Elements Part 1

Chemistry Scavenger Hunt Worksheet Find the symbols for each of the elements on the periodic table and write them down in the sameorder in the right-hand columnThe symbols will then spell out words that all have a similar themeElements WordLanthanum sulfur silver sodiumCalcium sulfur helium tungsten sulfurBoron actinium oxygen nitrogenCopper phosphorus calcium potassium einsteiniumCerium rhenium a...

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Augustana Library Scavenger Hunt Contest E1551187 3

AUGUSTANA LIBRARY Scavenger Hunt CONTEST OFFICIAL CONTEST RULESNO PURCHASE NECESSARY1 CONTEST The Augustana Library Scavenger Hunt Contest the Contest is conducted by The Governors of theUniversity of Alberta UAlberta and administered on behalf of UAlberta by Augustana Library Augustana The Contestis open to current UAlberta Augustana campus students in accordance with the eligibility criteria as ...

library.ualberta.ca/augustana/Augustana Library Scaveng...E1551187-3).pdf
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Microsoft Word - Global Scavenger Hunt.doc Global Scavenger HuntHere is a way to document the links between your community and the rest of the world The pointof the activity is to send teams out to have them document the connections between the communityand the rest of the world or a particular region of the world You could do this in several waysOne way would be simply to send teams into the comm...

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  • Date: Fri Sep 12 14:39:17 2008
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Geo Scavenger Hunt1 3

Microsoft Word - Geo Scavenger Hunt(1.3).docx Geometry Scavenger Hunt Instructions1 You will be completing a Scavenger Hunt for the terms in the next section that we will be studying2 Create a PowerPoint to organize your information3 This is due by the end of the day on Sept 7th4 Make sure that each slide includes all the information required Include the terms with your answers5 Save the file as P...

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Dc Scavenger Hunt

Microsoft Word - DC Scavenger Hunt.doc Washington DC Scavenger HuntSoon we will all take a journey to our nation s capital Washington DC Before going weare giving you an opportunity to become more educated on what you will be seeingParticipating in this online Scavenger Hunt will make this trip more meaningful for youas you discover the significance of various monuments tributes displays people an...

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  • Date: Tue Oct 27 13:02:55 2009
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Scavenger Hunt 2nd 3rd

Microsoft Word - Scavenger Hunt- 2nd 3rd.docx NameZoo Scavenger HuntDirections Find the animals around the zoo Write their name next to their picture and circlewhether they are a bird reptile mammal or amphibianBird ReptileMammal AmphibianBird ReptileMammal AmphibianBird ReptileMammal AmphibianBird ReptileMammal AmphibianBird ReptileMammal AmphibianBird ReptileMammal AmphibianBird ReptileMammal Am...

dept.sfcollege.edu/zoo/content/img/PDF/Scavenger Hunt- ...nt- 2nd 3rd.pdf
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Grade 7 Homework Help Scavenger Hunt

Microsoft Word - Grade 7 Homework Help Scavenger Hunt.doc Name Log on to the Homework Help website homeworkhelp ilc org to answer the following1 List the student resources available on this website 2 List the tools available on this website 3 When are the Tutor Chat Rooms available 4 Find your Locker What is the purpose of the locker 5 Using the GLOSSARY define the followinga Prime Number b Car...

http://homeworkhelp.ilc.org/tools/teacher_resources/do...venger Hunt.pdf
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Cell Scavenger Hunt

cell Scavenger Hunt Name Date D B Cell Scavenger HuntIntroduction You will log onto various inter-net sites to find out what varioustypes of animal plant bacteria and protozoa cells look like You will answerquestions about each cell and draw a picture of it1 http www funsci com fun3en blood blood htmDraw a picture of several human blood cells ErythrocytesRed Blood CellsRed blood cells are also ...

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  • Date: Thu Feb 20 13:11:07 2014
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For Teachers Scavenger Hunt1

Scavenger Hunt All of the answers to this Scavenger Hunt can be found by reading signs or byobserving the animalsReptiles1 Three types of reptiles other than snakes are1 2 32 Name one venomous snake and one non-venomous snake that can befound in AlabamaVenomous Non-venomous3 Find the world s largest lizard4 Name an amphibian found in the Reptile BuildingBirds5 Find a parrot macaw and tell what it ...

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  • Date: Thu Nov 29 11:10:17 2012
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Churchill Town Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet Clues

Churchill Town Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet Clues and Answers Map Location Scavenger Hunt Task Answer1 Town of Churchill Sign Besides Polar Bear Capital of theWorld what is one of the other titlesfor Churchill on the sign2 Inukshuk History What does the Word Inukshukmean3 Eskimo Museum What native or indigenous culture sartifacts and sculptures aredisplayed here the answer is notEskimo4 Parks Can...

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5th Grade November 6 Wed Session

5th Grade Saint Scavenger Hunt 5th Grade Saint Scavenger HuntNovember 9 2011Take attendance and then proceed to the church for a short prayer service beforeyou begin the Scavenger huntI will lead the prayer service Marilyn and Richard you can help me with theReader parts See the Guided Meditations paperI will provide you copies of the Communion of Saints Prayer Card At the endof the prayer service...

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Middle School Scavenger Hunt

Middle School Scavenger Hunt.doc Recommended forGrades 5-8Let s Go on a Scavenger HuntWetlands GalleryBe prepared for a wet and wild time Keep one eye trainedtoward the sky you may see free-flying birds1 In Florida we rely on a particular aquifer for our freshwatersupply What is it called and how much does it supplydaily2 What are some differences between an alligator and acrocodile Which one is m...

flaquarium.org/userfiles/files/Middle School Scavenger ...venger Hunt.pdf
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  • Date: Wed Dec 10 16:28:49 2008
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Aquarium Of The Bay Scavenger Hunt, Spanish

Microsoft Word - Scavenger Hunt Spanish 2009 Nombre B squeda en el Acuario de la Bah aDESCUBRE LA BAH A1 Encuentra el mapa de la bah a de San Francisco Esta bah a es un estuario porque es un lugar donde elagua fresca y el agua salada se mezclan De donde viene el agua salada que entra a la bah aEl oc ano Atl ntico El ri Sacramento El oc ano Pacifico2 De que color es el pez marino del estado de Cali...

aquariumofthebay.org/assets/files/Aquarium of the Bay S...nt, Spanish.pdf
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  • Date: Tue Apr 28 14:12:07 2009
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Habitat Hunt Grade 4 20121

Adaptation Scavenger Hunt North Carolina Aquariums Education SectionAdaptation Scavenger Hunt- 4th GradeMatch the organism found in the aquarium with the correct adaptations A wordbank has been provided BUT other answers may be acceptedIn the Freshwater Conservatory 1 I have scales to protect my skin claws on mytoes and a powerful tail to swim in the water 2 For a fish I m an excellent hunter With...

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AIRPORT Scavenger Hunt AWSCfun STYLES Your flight is delayed isn t itYour watch is ticking backwards isn t itYour dinner plans are getting cold isn t sheFlight delays They happen And there s nothing you can do about it So instead of throwing a tantrumor in addition to we won t blame you why not amuse yourself with a little Scavenger Hunt funRulesIf competitive Time yourselves Quickest time to comp...

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Cf Scavenger Hunt Level 1

Microsoft Word - Centennial Farm Scavenger Hunt - Level 1.doc Centennial Farm Scavenger Hunt Level 11 What is a female chicken called2 What is the name of the machine that uses wind to pump water out ofthe ground Hint it s near the Century Barn3 How many dairy calves black and white baby cattle are on the Farm4 How many total piglets baby pigs are there5 Name two 2 colors you see in the garden1 2 ...

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  • Date: Thu Mar 6 17:54:51 2014
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