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Type 3R Wiring Trough CRTApplicationDesigned to protect Wiring indoors from drippingwater or outdoors from rain sleet and snowConstructionCode gauge low carbon steelDrip shield top seam free sidesAccumulation free bottomGasket free slip on coverEmbossed mounting holes providedNo knockoutsGRTG Complies with UL 870 Type 3RComplies with CSA Type 3R specify CSA labelwhen orderingFinishGrey polyester p...

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Misc Components Schindler Westinghouse W876A W875 W880K1W876BW302W881 limit switchSelector Tape Accessories Type E Landing SwitchesAdams Description Westinghouse Type E Limit Switchpart no part no Adams WestinghouseW302 Stainless steel hatchway selector tape Descriptionpart no part no1 W x 0 032 thick specify length whenordering 569A699H01 W880K1 1 Make 1 Break 1NO 1NC 324C969G04W880K2 2 Make 2NO ...

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sby use of the appropriate operatorApplication Standards adaptor kitDesigned to bolt together in any number UL 508 Type 12 A bonding stud is provided inFreestanding Enclosuresof units for maximum exibility and ease CSA Type 12 the door and a grounding stud isof transportation The UHDM system Complies with provided in the enclosure for eachconsists of a Master enclosure to house NEMA Type 12 doorth

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U95 96

U95-96.PDF INDEX INDEXA D L RAccuracy 75 Display information 72 Legend sheet 74 RCPAlarms E M configuration 92Submenu 48 Editing a parameter 31 Maintence 82 Relay boardsalarm state 49 Error codes 81 Mechanical installation 9 Wiring 17latch enable 50 F Menus submenusetpoint 50 Instrumentfaults 73 setpoints 35 alarm state 50hysteresis 51 Filtering input 36 latch enable 50deviation band 52 descriptio...

statinst.com/PDF F...iles/U95-96.pdf
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50 Dh Mgv 250 Manual

Instruction Manual 50 DH-MGV-250 1200 2000AMedium-Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker RetrofitCircuit Breaker Sales Repair Inc Revision 21502 Old Underwood Dr February 2012La Porte TX 77571 i940 665-4444Figure 1 Circuit Breaker Sales Type 50 DH MGV-250 1200 2000AiiTable of ContentsTable of Contents iiiIntroduction 5Safety 5Section 1 Receiving Handling and Storage 71 1 Receiving and Handling 71 2 Storag...

cbsmagvac.com/pdf/50-DH-MGV...-250 manual.pdf
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Hd100318 1 Pipeguard Cmh Rev2

replacement for series Type MineralInsulated MI cable the design features of PipeGuard The large surface area created by the corrugations resultsCMH make it a clear choice for freeze protection or in a much lower sheath temperature than with series typeprocess temperature maintenance on metal pipes and MI cable In hazardous locations with a low T ratingvessels in ordinary and hazardous electrical

drexan.com/pdfs/HD100318-1 - PipeGuard... CMH - Rev2.pdf
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Organizational Assessment Form

viduals youcontact with action alerts or other appeals or organizations that join you fornews releases or sign-on lettersYes NoStaffFull time staffPart time staffVolunteersDoes your organization have a staff member with specific responsibility fortechnology written into their job description This could be a full- or part-time positionYes No If yes what is their name and email addressDoes this pers

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untitled Signal Equipment Type A AE Schindler WestinghouseAdams replacements for Westinghouse Type A signal equipment All position indicator car panel and hall equipment componentsmatch their OEM counterparts exactly Now you can restore worn hall install the same as OEM parts Mounting patterns character style oper-and cab panels to like-new condition retain the characteristic Westing- ating charac...

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Search Results F3X3LG6q Choose from 29 sizes of PANDUIT Type F Wiring Duct from 0 5 x 0 5 up to 4 0 x 5 0 Usedfor general purpose control panel Wiring in communication closets Ideal for use with high-densityterminal blocks The non-slip cover conceals all Wiring and is easy to install The duct and coverform a flush sidewall providing increased capacity and improved aestheticsq SpecificationsMade of...

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Size 7 Nema Cabinet Cutsheet

NEMA TS2 Cabinet Size 7 Part of the Intelight Complete Traffic Framework77 H X 44 W X 26 DStandard Features1 8 3 1 mm thick Type 5052-H32 AluminumContinuously seam welded enclosureC mounting channels on the side and rear walls allow continuously variable horizontal andvertical positioning of shelves and Wiring panelsFull double flanged door frame top bottom and sidesMain door mechanism with automa...

kargor.com/Size 7 NEMA Cabin...et Cutsheet.pdf
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Sl Product Models Precison Train Throttle & Led Controller Dimmer 3 Amp Output 15 Watts Max

All models feature adjustable DC output voltage 1 2 to 30 VDC 3 Amp 15 watt MaxShort Circuit Over Temp Protected 94 efficientSL 8552403 Weatherproof Throttle LEDcontroller 39 95 AC DC or DCC input fullwave rectifier screw Type terminal Wiring blockscase Easy Wiring - no soldering for loco carlayout accessories and lightingSL 8452403 Precision Train Throttle LEDcontroller 6 29 DC powered solderconn...

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Decontactor WS WS Welding ConnectorsGeneral Ratings Wiring Hole Maximum Amperage Cycle 5 min CycleWS devices allow users to make fast in2 mm2 30 Duty 60 Duty 100 DutyVoltageand reliable connections of welding 025 16 150A 100A 75A50 VAC Maxcables Their spring-loaded silver 047 30 200A 125A 100AAmperage contacts provide connections that are 062 40 250A 150A 125A325A Continuous unaffected by cable mo...

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Instructionsbasement Updated 0930 2010

and doors 2 Identify all required GFCI protected receptacles3 Indicate Type of ceiling to be installed 3 Provide a symbols legend to correctly identify all electrical equipment4 Indicate a minimum R-13 insulation in all new walls N J A C 5 23-6 6 e 15 These 4 Provide Type of Wiring methods Examples ROMEX Armor Cable Conduit withare the citings per NJ Rehabilitation Codes Also paper vapor barriers

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Lectrosonics Mute Td

s such as the LMa UM400a andSMv series It works with any 2 wire lavaliere microphonewired according to Fig 1 and will also work with most 3wire lavalieres if they are wired according to Fig 2It uses an optically coupled switch to mute the audiosignal without any clicks and pops even when in a strongRF field It does not affect the RF output of the connectedtransmitter The toggle switch is weather r

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Cooper B-Line - Premier Series Flange-Mount Disconnect (ENCPD4P03) ENCPD4P03Introducing the Premier Flange-Mount DisconnectMeet the Newest Member of the B-Line Family30 new Type 4 4X 12 single-door wall-mounted models are now availableThe Premier Series - A New Generation of ProtectionBody flange troughdiverts liquids andcontaminantsUtility brackets forwire managementand accessory Universal cut-ou...

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Hd091113 1 Hottape Rev2

tPolyurethane inner jacket Tinned copper braidsurrounding heating element Modified polyolefin outer jacketAPPLICATIONAREA CLASSIFICATION Non-hazardous and hazardous locationsTRACED SURFACE Type Metal and PlasticCHEMICAL RESISTANCE HotTape utilizes a modified polyolefin outer jacket for protection against water and otherOUTER JACKET aqueous inorganic chemicalsSUPPLY VOLTAGE 100-130 VAC208-277 VACPO

drexan.com/pdfs/HD091113-1 - Hot...Tape - Rev2.pdf
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Yld T5 Stick Lite

le ballast only not x 26mm O D For indoor use onlydirectly to mains power Internal wiringFIXING PFA 2 x 0 59mm 240v RMS BS3G210 DIMMINGsuspension hooks and mounting clips Dimmable with 1-10v and up to 28wor clamps OPERATION TEMPERATURE single ballast s only Do not use twinballasts or 35w lamps for dimming withOperating temperature -18 50 C NoteCOLOURS stick-lites Ensure the minimum dimmingLamps wi

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General Sensor Compact Summing Junction Box Model Gs Jb 4 Brochure

simplify wire connection Accepts wire size 26 to 14 AWFFive nylon strain reliefs are included for load cells instrument cables Both boxes are NEMA 4X and gasketed for corrosion resistance TheGS-JB-4-SS is made of stainless steel and the GS-JB-FRP is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic The small size of these boxes make them agood replacement for low profile warehouse scales In many cases th box

catalog.jamiesonequipment.com/Asset/General Sensor Comp...-4 brochure.pdf
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MATION ORDERING INFORMATIONOrdering Code Standard Price Ordering Code Standard PriceOPEN OPENRC3 00 RC3500SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONSCommon CommonModels Models for mounting input isolation module 5 Installation Table-topSpecify at Models for mounting output isolation module 6 External Field side M3 5 screw terminalwhen ordering Connection Computer side 34-pin flat cable connectorInstallation Wal

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Pr010 New Product Release Led T8 Tube Lights

id-state wide voltage and co onstant current design with no noise or flickeo ering operate i accordance with UL testing standardsin gplastic tube end caps for produ safety and puct protectionSeeesmart LED T8 Tube Lights provide brigh even lighting for many appht g plications They are ideal for u in sealed o openy use orsttyle ceiling wal or hanging fixtures with or wll without lenses for a variety

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1 Csof S Type 5 3 Hp Manual

Microsoft Word - 4.1. CSOF S-Type 53HP Manual OILLESS SCROLL AIR COMPRESSORMAINTENANCE MANUAL AND PARTS LISTMODELCSOF-S3PL HCSOF-S5PL HCOAIRE CORPORATIONAll rights reserved Printed in U S AFor proper and safe use of the compressor please follow all instructions and safety precautions as identified inthis manual along with general safety regulations and practicesOilless Scroll Air CompressorSAFETY ...

coaire.com/Maintenance manuals/4. Oilless scroll Compre...3)HP Manual.pdf
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Section 262726 Wiring Devices

SECTION 262726 - Wiring DEVICES PART 1 - GENERAL NOT USEDPART 2 - PRODUCTS2 1 GENERALA Acceptable manufacturers are as follows1 P S2 Bryant3 Hubbell preferred2 2 MATERIALSA General1 Wiring devices shall be specification grade back- or side-wired with bundlingterminals to contain wire strands2 See plans for locations where Decora style devices are required in lieuB Switches1 All LINE VOLTAGE switch...

dianousgroup.com/Sundt_MEP/APS DVA/Specifications/90 Se...ING DEVICES.pdf
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Fl Highbay Maxvalue T5 Wide

Type Model Industrial High BayDate Project NameMVMost economicalmulti-purpose fixtureHIGH BAYMax Value SERIEST5 Wide Beam ReflectorSpecifications FEATURESHousing Post painted steel channel Economical multi-purpose fixtureReflector Enhanced specular aluminum Wire access standardLamp T5HO 54 watt linear fluorescent Multiple fixture configurations availableBallast Electronic programmed rapid start 90...

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Single F Type Connector Data Sheet1

Single F Type Connector Grid Outlet DescriptionThe Single F Type Connector has beendesigned to be used for terrestrialtelevision cable television anduniversally satellite TV and cablemodemsAvailabilityAll of our data media and USB chargeroutlets can be used with all of ourranges of Wiring accessory plates andcan be specified to contain single ormultiple outlets depending uponrequirementTechnical S...

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E Type Manual Eng V20

e-Type-eng20.PDF E TYPElift control systemSPECIFICATION ANDINSTALLATION MANUALManual ver 2 0Program ver 2 06SEC ELECTRONICS Neverke 30 6256 Ko ana SLOVENIAtel 386 5 753 2006 email sec electronics siol netISO 9001fax 386 5 753 2007 web http www secelectro com Q-446The information held in this manual may be modified without notice and SEC electronicswill not be responsible for changes that may occur...

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Westinghouse Wbm4300wb 430 Litre White Finish Bottom Mount Refrigerator

SYDNEY ONLY Westinghouse WBM4300WB 430 Litre White Finish Bottom Mount RefrigeratorFactory Second 1 Yr Manufacturer s WarrantyModel Number WBM4300WBCurrently out of stockManufacturer WestinghouseClick on the Stock Alert button toCondition Factory Secondreceive an instant emailColour White notification upon stock Stock AlertCapacity 430L availabilityFridge Volume 300LFreezer Volume 131L Regular Pri...

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Proxy Form Type A General And Simple Format Agm 2010

Microsoft Word - แบบหนังสือมอบฉันทะ แบบ ก Proxy Form Type A AGM 2010.doc 20Stamp duty 20 baht5 2550Proxy Form Type A General and simple formatAs per the Announcement of the Business Development Department on Proxy Form No 5 B E 2550Issued at Date Month Year1I We NationalityResiding at2Being a Shareholder of The Post Publishing Public Company Limitedhold...

postpublishing.co.th/downloads/agm/Proxy Form Type A (G...t) AGM 2010.pdf
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Nsm Bond Adhesive Type Tests Shield

The Effect of Adhesive Type on the Bond of NSM Tape to Concrete SP-230 21The Effect of Adhesive Type on the Bondof NSM Tape to Concreteby C Shield C French and E MildeSynopsis Near surface mounted NSM reinforcement is becoming a viable materialfor strengthening existing concrete structures in flexure and shear As this methodmoves from the laboratory testing phase to implementation in the field des...

aslanfrp.com/Aslan500/Resources/NSM Bond adhesive type ...ests Shield.pdf
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Aquaplan Controller Wiring Manual

Microsoft Word - AquaPlan Controller Wiring Manual AquaPlan Irrigation ControllerCommercial Irrigation SpecialistWiring ManualPump Start Master Valves Multiple Controllers Rain SensorsSoil Moisture Sensors Remote Control Devices1 Table of Contents Page12 introduction Page 23 Pump Start Wiring Page 24 Master Valve Wiring Page 105 Multiple Controller Wiring Page 126 Sensor Wiring Page 147 Miscellane...

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K Type

K Type Thermocouple Extension Cable K Type Thermocouple Extension CableKXYY 1-50 Pairs x 1 5 mm2 300 VChromel-Alumel Conductor PVC Insulated Individual or Collective Screen PVC SheathedStandard Specification IEC 60584 ANSI MC 96 1Construction DataSize Application Chromel Ni-CrFor transmission of thermoelectric voltage Alumel Ni-AlNo 1 5 mm2 from measuring junction to referenceof Collective Screen ...

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