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Summary Frame With Sentence Starters 20110809 194224 17

Summary Frame with Sentence Starters Modified from original by Kate Kinsella San Francisco State University 6 02Directions Complete the Sentence Starters below to write your summary Use the verbs and transition words atthe bottom For helpIn the genre article essay editorial report entitled title author s complete name verb see below For verbs such as explores orinvestigates topic or main idea Tr...

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Writing Informational Descriptive Summaries

DRAFT CHECKLIST Draft - Topic If anything is missing incorrectly filled out your DRAFT IS NOT DONE AND WILLNOT BE ACCEPTED1 Presentation check if yes if not write a note in the margin of their compositionTitle is present and Title is underlined on separate Title cover page with name date etcComposition is double spacedComposition is typed or handwritten in blue or black inkALL Sentence openers la...

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Reading Ws Terms

Reading Workshop Terms Reading Workshop TermsReading Workshop A consistent time is set aside each day For students to read It is more than S S R and D E A R Students are allowed to self-select their reading at anappropriate level using a student friendly method such as the method For establishing the three levels of book difficulty lexiles reading zones etc Students will learn to utilize theinform...

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nts tance The students offor staff members here at Kawarehe can now show youAs a staff member I was quiteParoa School However we what Matua Mark has taughtapprehensive as I thought Iwere able to get in some fun them I hopeknew everything about swim-PD Professional Develop-ming I was sadly mistaken You can find Nicola at thement to help us teach ourwhanau as Nicola proceeded to Aquatic centre most

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2008 Grade 5 Writing

NECAP 2008 Gr5 Writing Released Items.indd NEW ENGLANDCOMMON ASSESSMENT PROGRAMReleased Items2008Grade 5WritingWriting Session 1ID 202839 C Common ID 213395 C Commonq Which of the following is a complete e Where should a comma be placed in thesentence Sentence belowA Only a few snakes that arepoisonousShe told me that I would need myB Very shy and avoid people when notebook my pen and my textbookp...

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Sentence Starters Young children need to learn how to speak fluently One activity that youcan incorporate into your daily schedule is community circle Sit withyour class in a circle ont he floor Use this time to begin with a sentencestarter Have each child start with the starter and add their thought tofinish the sentenceOn Sundays I usually When I am 6 7 8On School nights I usually The best food ...

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Metacognitive Reflection

Microsoft Word - Metacognitive Reflection.docx Strategies For Acing the ExploreMulticultural Literature HomeworkNameDateSectionMetacognitive ReflectionThe ResultsToday I scored a 30 on my practice testThat equals percentWhat WorkedThree actions strategies skills that helped my score would be123Metacognitive ReviewDirections Now that you ve checked your answers go back and reread the questions anda...

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Parent Planner Great Fire

ework code To know that pushes and pulls are examples ofRacing games-i e Pretending to be fire-fightersPeople who helps us forcesracing to a fire Who gets there first through theTrip to Lego Land To understand how forces can make thingsobstaclesspeed up slow down or change directionClimbing the horse large apparatus pretendingTo explain how to make familiar objects moveThe Way the truth and the li

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1 Writing For Ells Supporting The Mdccrs Pre

The Power of Two Writingfor ELLs Supporting theMaryland College andCareer ReadyStandardsCCRC 2014What do you want me to doPlenteous engrossment has been embossedlaterally in erudition and in ratiocination bya mooting that converges on the essence ofthe cognitive mechanism that shepherdsour proletariat psychical practicesExpound upon your presuppositions andprevalent inquestsTranslationA lot of dis...

http://msde.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/courses/Educator... the MdCCRS Pre
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Is Narr Content Elaborative Detail 3

ern They consistently applynew skills and techniques learned and are eager to incorporate new learning into their writingThey have writing ideas that make entertaining stories and generally execute those ideaswithin their storiesPoor writers employ overly general details and often produce short choppy sentenceswith redundant Sentence structure Because they do not have a good plan in place the writ

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Ks4 Booklet Revision Guide

GCSE Exam details ENGLISH GCSESUPPORT GUIDE FORMENTORED STUDENTS2011 12Exam detailsUnit 1 2hrs 15 minutes Tuesday 29th May15 minutes reading timeSection A Reading non-fiction media texts 1 hourSection B Two tasksshorter writing task to describe and or explain 25 minuteslonger writing task - to persuade 35 minutesRevision Websitehttp www bbc co uk schools gcsebitesize englishIgnore sections on the ...

http://ourlearning.barnsley.org/schools/kirkbalk/Curri...ision Guide.pdf
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Strategyp4p4 Speech Bubbles

Speech Bubbles Speech BubblesAchievement Technological Practice Planning For Practice - Level 4ObjectiveUndertake planning that includes reviewing the effectiveness of past actions and resourcing exploring implicationsfor future actions and accessing of resources and consideration of stakeholder feedback to enable thedevelopment of an outcomeLearningIntention I am learning review and record inform...

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Writing An Opinion Paragraph Sample Lesson

Title LESSON 3 Writing an Opinion ParagraphObjectiveStudents formulate opinions and express them in writing backing their opinions with specific details and reasonsPreparation MaterialsPhotocopies and the means to project SP-7 Plan a Celebration What s Your Opinion at back of chapterProcedureLesson At A Glance1 sk the class to think about their favorite family celebrations Have them imagineAthat t...

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How To Make Comments On Voice Thread

How to make comments on Voice Thread Making comments on Voice ThreadYou have 3 basic ways to commentForwardBack ButtonButtonPagesShows who is Use your Record a Type acommenting webcam to voice commentpost a commentcomment through in-builtmicrcophoneIf you choose to do a voice or webcam comment a box will appear asking forpermission to use the webcam or microphone on your laptop Click allowCommenti...

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of the rules of St BenedictAll monks should take turns to wait on each other so that no one is excused kitchenworkAbove all care must be taken of the sickLaziness is the enemy of the soul Monks should be busy working or reading holybooksA mattress woollen blanket and pillow is enough For beddingSource C from a book The Monastic order of England written by Ailred of Rievaulx a monk in1135We have l

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17110 01

Text: Year 1 Literacy weekly plans Downsized group Term 3 2 Week 1 Wk beginning 5 June 2006Text Mrs Armitage on Ongoing ObjectivesT1 to reinforce apply wd-level skills through shared and guided rding T2 to use searchlight cues to work out predict check the meanings oWheels unfamiliar wds to make sense of what is read S1 to use awareness of grammar to decipher new or unfamiliar words to predict fro...

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Economics Lesson First Grade 1

Economics Lesson First Grade Grade Level First GradeContent Area EconomicsObjective Students will give examples of different types of business and the goodsand services they provide For the community Recognize that with education peoplehave a choice of what kinds of jobs they doVocabulary Teachers- please note that students should work collaboratively to develop definitions For eachvocabulary wor...

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t supports academic achievement For all students which in turn helps them to reach their full potentialResearch and experience show that bullying is a serious issue that has far-reaching consequences For individuals their families and peers and the entire schoolcommunity Schools that have bullying intervention and prevention strategies foster a positive learning and teaching environment that suppo

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Case Study Aaeemaster

Microsoft Word - case study aaeeMASTER.DOC Commonwealth of Australia 2002This work is copyright You may download store in cache display print and reproduce this material in unaltered form only retaining thisnotice For your personal non-commercial use or For any non-commercial use within your organisation Apart from any use as permittedabove or under the Copyright Act 1968 all other rights are rese...

afssse.asn.au/democracy/case_studies/proj01_02/aaee/cas... aaeeMASTER.pdf
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Kindergarten Ss

tionsPages 38-41 Beautiful Princess5 senses activities - My Sense of Autumn Pages 73-75Pages 43-72 Model descriptive paragraphs pagesIntroduce Sentence Starters Pages 77-90Pages 43-72 Art connections pagesVocabulary building activities Introduce Put Said to Bed Pages 77-90Pages 105-115 Sentence startersExpository main idea sort and categorize Pages 77-90Vocabulary building activities Introduce Adv

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System 44 Reading Log

EADING LOGTHINK TALK WRITE Date Completed Use the Sentence Starters to write about your answer to the questionsSentence Starter 1Sentence Starter 2RE-READ Date Completed Answer the re-read question hereWRAP-UPRate this book by coloring in the number of starsMy Reading Counts Quiz Score TEACHER FEEDBACKDATE COMPLETED Created by A Croy...

ccsvt.org/cms/lib5/VT01000775/Centricity/Domain/30/Syst...Reading Log.pdf
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Pers Recommended Packages 0

Recommended Grade Level Packages For Persuasive Writinghttps www empoweringwriters com bookstore persuasive-writing-packagesGrade 6 7 and 8Comprehensive Persuasive Guide 2nd EditionPersuasive Posters Set of 6Persuasive Desktop Sentence Starters Set of 25 Package Price 152 95Persuasive Writing ResourcesCOMPREHENSIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING GUIDEPresents a comprehensive foundation of all the critical ski...

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Loreta Andersen Lesson Plan

e students will demonstratean understanding of the importance of setting a goal making a plan and not giving up untilthey reach that goalTeaching PointStudents will be able to identify a personal goal and what they need to do to reach that goalOpening ActivityGather the children at the meeting area as they sing the leadership song We are Leaders LAndersen For a review of what we have been learning

teachers.net/wong/FEB12/Loreta Andersen ...Lesson Plan.pdf
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49842 Guide

LEADER S GUIDE 1 Overcoming ObjectionsSALES AND SERVICE MASTERCLASSLeader s Guide byAlly Chumley B Ed M EdProduced by Training PointExecutive Producer Simon Garner B EdLeader s Guide Training PointDVD Training PointYou may download and print one copy of thesenotes For your reference Further copying or printing mustbe reported to CAL as per the Copyright Act 1968Australia-widet 1800 141 510f 1800 1...

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Print Quiz Homework set by Miss H Knight forClass 9y Li1How does Truman become aware of his situationTaskContinue with work started in classAnswer the question How does Truan become aware of his situationPlease check your work against the writing structure provided Please note that the writing structurealso includes Sentence Starters For you to use if you need toResources to help youWritingStructu...

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Math Cards 4th Grade 1st Semester

Math Cards 4th grade 1st semester Name 4th Grade Math Mastery Card School Mark Mastery of each skill X mastery 100 - 80 partial mastery 79 - 60 O non-mastery 59 orbelow1st Nine Weeks Mark Date 2nd Nine Weeks Mark Date2 1 Compose and decompose 1 3 Connect operations withquantities according to place value decimals to money and makeestimates2 9 Compare equivalent forms of spi 1 3 Determine the corr...

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Math 0306 Syllabus Fall 2014

Microsoft Word - Math 0306Syllabus] Fundamentals of Mathematics IMATH 0306 SYLLABUSCRN 29214 FALL 2014 Alief Campus ROOM NO B209DAYS TIME 9 00 AM 12 00 PM SaturdaysSEMESTER MEETING DATES 8 25 2014 - 12 14 2014INSTRUCTOR ABATE T WOLDE-KIRKOSE-MAIL abate wolde-kirkos hccs eduCatalog Description Topics include fundamental operations in whole numbers fractions anddecimals percents ratios proportions d...

m.learning.hccs.edu/faculty/abate.wolde--kirkos/math030...s_Fall 2014.pdf
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Math Topic 2

Math Topic 2 Math Topic 2 Vocabulary- Number Sense Addition and SubtractionAddends are the numbers being added togetherA sum is the answer when addingIdentity Zero Property of Addition The sum of zero and any number is that samenumber5 0 5Commutative Order Property of Addition You can add numbers in any order and thesum will be the same7 5 5 7Associative Grouping Property of Addition You can group...

sites.mayfieldjs.org/thirdgrade/mrsbainter/Curriculum_f...ath Topic 2.pdf
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Teaching The Common Core Math Standards With Hands On Activities Grades 6 8

Teaching the Common Core Math Standards with Hands-On Activities Grades 6-8 2012 272 pages Judith A Muschla Gary Robert Muschla Erin Muschla1118224124 9781118224120 John Wiley Sons 2012DOWNLOAD http bit ly 1E1iiPB http goo gl R7K5v http www powells com s kw Teaching the Common Core Math Standards with Hands-On Activities 2C Grades 6-8Helpful advice For teaching Common Core Math Standards to middle...

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Math 420 Syllabus And Calendar

Microsoft Word - Math 420 Syllabus Math 420 - Differential Equations - 10808Summer 2010 - American River CollegeCourse InformationInstructor Kristin Lui Location ARC TEMPS 600Email luik arc losrios edu Meet Times MTWR 5 30 pm 7 35 pmWebsite http ic losrios edu luik Dates June 14 2010 August 5 2010Course MaterialsRequired textbook Zill A First Course in Differential Equations 9th ed Brooks ColeA gr...

http://ic.arc.losrios.edu/~luik/old/m420_2010/Math 420...nd Calendar.pdf
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