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Holzmann Folder2009 Web

Holzmann Nutz-Sonderfahrzeuge Trucks and Special vehiclesHOLZMZANBNFA H R E U G A Uwww holzmann-lkw atsterreichische Qualit tsprodukte Quality made in AustriaKanalsp lkombi in ADR-ATEX-Ausf hrungADR-ATEX Sewer cleaningvehicleHochdruck- und Saugfahrzeug - ADRHigh pressure and suction vehicle - ADRsserr ckgewinnungKanalsp lkombi mit Wa h water reclamation systemwitSewer cleaning vehicleTankreinigung...

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Uge060 0104

HT Vacuum Sizing Tankswith manual controloptional potentiometer controlor optional PAVC controlInstallationOperationMaintenanceTroubleshootingThe Conair Group IncOne Conair DriveInstant Access Pittsburgh PA 15202Parts and Service P 412 312 6000800 458-1960 F 412 312 6227814 437-6861 www conairnet comUGE060 0104Please record your It s a good idea to record the model and serial number sequipment s m...

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Ssv Ke

pump set The vee-belt pulley of theber Keilriemen vom Hauptpumpenaggregat Die Keilriemen- Vacuum pump is provided with an electromagnetic clutchscheibe der Vakuumpumpe ist mit einer elektromagnetischen Simultaneously start of diesel engine centrifugal pump andKupplung ausger stet liquid ring Vacuum pump The electromagnetic clutch of theBei der Inbetriebnahme des Dieselmotors laufen Haupt- und vacu

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Dl 1569 Showerdesign

n it comes to jetted and custom showersDelta Faucet Company is committed to providing H Cthe most luxurious user-pleasing experienceIncoming Hot Coldpossible Our 18 18T and 17T Series custom water supplies are 1 2shower options feature our proprietary and truly1 2 pipeinvigorating H20kinetic Technology And we re theonly shower manufacturer that offers a Semi-custom Piping Diagram System 3shower th

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1SILURO MILLETMInnovativi per tradizione430 595592Single phase supply voltage V 230Max rated input W 1300 1600 50Frequency Hz 50Hydraulic circuits hight pressure pump for capsulelow pressure pump for steam circuitHeating elements termoblock capsulefast heater steamBrewing unit for ESPRESSO POINT capsules Semi automaticMilk Tank capacity liters 1Fully automatic milk treatment from milk Tank to stea...

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n of the data provides flux contour maps and Reference 3 A distinctive feature of the T5 is that theintegrated current maps as functions of beam voltage grids are dished inward to minimize the possibility of aand accelerator voltage Data for the British T5 engine short circuit due to thermal expansion More than 1000are compared with previous experiments using a thrust hours of operation were accum

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System.PDF Duplex Medical Vacuum Pump 7 5-25 hp Drawing SchematicDuplex Base-Mounted Vacuum SystemLEGEND1 - Vacuum Pump2 - Electric Motor3 - Receiver4 - Control Panel5 - BaseA - Air InletNOTETypical dimensions onlyNot to be used forconstruction withoutconsulting factoryAll dimensions are nominaland subject to changewithout noticeWEIGHTMODEL A B L H W X Y Z lbsDBRV-OF-7 5 2 2 100 81 60 10 40 58 2 5...

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864 G15

xe15stoc 15-1INTAKE ANDEXHAUSTCONTENTSGENERAL INFORMATION 2 Vacuum Tank Check 7SERVICE SPECIFICATION 3 AIR CLEANER 8SPECIAL TOOL 3 INTERCOOLER 9ON-VEHICLE SERVICE 3 INTERCOOLER WATER SPRAY 10Turbocharger Supercharging Pressure Check 3SECONDARY AIR SUPPLY SYSTEM 14Supercharging Pressure Control SystemCheck 4 INTAKE MANIFOLD 16Waste Gate Actuator Check 4Waste Gate Solenoid Valve Check 5 EXHAUST MANI...

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ock tunnel It com-prises of a driver section 3 m long 0 15 m bore a double diaphragm section and a drivensection 8 23 m long 0 15 m bore A concrete specimen holder is placed in the test sectionDownstream of the test section is a di user pipe followed by a Vacuum Tank Concrete specimensof 305 mm length and 152 mm diameter can be tested Test pressures ranged from 550 1600kPa Two transducers were mou

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Upflowcarbon Startup Vortech

igure 1 Upflow Carbon Tank Diagram 4Assembly and Installation Instructions 4PACKING LIST 6Carbon Upflow 1 5 Cubic Foot 6Carbon Upflow 2 0 Cubic Foot 6Carbon Upflow 2 5 Cubic Foot 62 Upflow Carbon Installation Startup guideUpflow Carbon Installation Startup GuidePre Installation1 Review your packing list and make sure you have received all the parts before beginning installation2 If you are going t

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T4e 70 80bbl Full Open Rear Hatch Bobtail

BBTOR80BBL.indd 80BBL Full Open RearMake it happen Hatch Bobtail TankMODELSType Vacuum Tank For Truck MountingDot 407 412 ASME U StampCapacity 3360 Gallons Plus 3Commodity Unspecified Fluids Design25 Psi Internal 15 Psi External Full VacuumPressure 38 Psig Hydrostatic TestShell 5 16 Pl X 72 O D Heads 17 -3 AlHeads 5 16 Pl Asme ShapeRear Head Full Opening with 6 Quick ClosureWing Handle Bolts Hydra...

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1999aratay Anomalousproduction Lcv

ed Pd fine powdersKey words Double-structure cathode deuterated Pd Pd black electrolysis excess energy 4He productionIntroduction In a recent paper we reported that a significant amount of excess heat 5-10 W wasproduced continuously over 2 000 hrs when a double-structure Pd cathode DS-cathode was used in theelectrolysis of D2O l Furthermore we observed production of 4He atoms in the remnant Pd fin

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Groundwork Cyclone Incline Vac

s The Incline-Vachas a tool for each job and has a user-friendly place for each toolFor exampleThe Incline-Vac has a compact design with its weight concentrated over the axleThe Vacuum Tank and water Tank are both inclined to reduce the surface area of thestored liquids This feature reduces slosh during travel In short the Incline-Vac iscompact safer more stable and easy to transport to and from a

groundworkexperts.com/upload/Groundwork-Cyclone Incline...Incline Vac.pdf
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Brochure Hidrant Pit Cleaner

nk to pick out the waster or fuel from flush hydrants andsystem Low Points t a Water Tank with pump for pressure washing flushinghydrant pits or valves registers Vacuum Tank take all dirt water and mix fuelfrom hydrants pits and replacement repair of heave stafflike valve or hydrant pits and pumpsModel SLCLH-450- SModel SLCLH-2740-ACFITEM DESCRIPTIONpipe Alum SB2416061-T6 or ss 316Flange Alum SB24

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54 6

ring typical operation in a simulated Vacuum Tank Thecode s surface interaction model has been improved to model different materials and toincorporate the angular distribution of outgoing sputtered particles The simulationsmodel the behavior of the BPT-200 thruster using exit plane data from a 2-D Hybrid PICengine code as input These results provide valuable input for design of the ElectricalThrus

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Zoom Draft Proposal8145

L2 4 to 12 m A high countrate high resolution central detector is required which for ease of maintenance orto swap detector types will be mounted either after a thin window or through thevacuum wall at the end of a 1 5 m diameter telescopic Vacuum Tank The entiretank is on rails inside a shielding tunnel also on rails so that both may be slid backto accommodate large sample environments longer le

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Fermilab Nal 1974 December

EM Pictured left to right are V PetersonJ Taylor M Stevenson F Harris R Cence and S Parker The EMImounted on the outer shell o f the 15-foot bubble chamber Vacuum Tank aidsin the interpretation of neutrino and antineutrino intera ctions Preliminaryresults on the first EMI performance tests are r eported on page 10 Operated by Universities Research Association Inc Under Contract with the United st

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1930refsheet35 Essexmechspecs

ilicon steelHead diameter outside Silicon steel 13 8Head diameter opening 1 3 8 1Stem length 1 51 16Stem diameter 5 1 32 116Stem type of end Grooved GroovedTappet type Roller RollerTappet clearance 003 - 005 005 - 007Valve lift 516 2164Valve stem guides Removable RemovableSpring pressure 50 lbs 50 lbs7500 G P 2-1-30 Printed in U S A Page 1Hudson Reference Sheet No 35 February 1930CRANKCASE AND CRA

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imentsFlavor separation of the quark helicity distributions has been made Recent observations of asymmetries in deeplyvirtual Compton scattering DVCS and exclusive meson productions provide possibilities to access the total angluarmomentum carried by quarks in the framework of generalized parton distributions Single spin azimuthal asymmetriesobserved in Semi-inclusive measurements provide a new ha

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Pertinent Facts Pertaining To Retailers

of Ohio has contracted with Trac III to manage diversion registration Contactinformation isTRAC III203 East Main StreetMt Horeb WI 53572608-237-1345http www trac3 netShipping Documents and Diversion Requirements1 The requirements for shipping papers and diversion authorization apply to thetransportation of all motor fuels including dyed diesel fuel except for dyed diesel fueldistributed by Tank w

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ea DMSA From February2007 to February 2009 DOE characterized materials in this DMSA in accordance with theDMSA Characterization Remediation Plan which was incorporated as Appendix E of the 2003Agreed Order The Final Inventory and Characterization Report FI CR was submitted March20 2009 to the Kentucky Division of Waste Management KDWM KDWM approved the FI CRon May 8 2009 The fixed equipment glove

pppo.energy.gov/pdf/SWMU Assessment Rep...orts/353SAR.pdf
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Aiaa 1996 4505

enterDescriptions of the arc heater nozzle testsection diffuser and Vacuum Tank together-with the supporting electrical pneumaticcooling water Vacuum instrumentation anddata acquisition control systems are providedCalibration data from the initial operation of thefacility are presented and proposed researchprograms utilizing the new facility for simulationof the off-design performance of hypersoni

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175 55 02 Tmp Mag600

FlyerMAG600e0703 21 03 2007 11 19 Uhr Seite 1 Turbomolecular PumpsMAG W 600with integrated controllerTechnical Information 175 55 02FlyerMAG600e0703 21 03 2007 11 19 Uhr Seite 2The new MAG W 600Wide-range turbomolecular pump with activemagnetic suspension and integrated controllerAs an expert in high Vacuum technolo- We have an installed base of moregy Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum has a than 100 000 un...

lesker.com/newweb/vacuum_pumps/pdf/manuals/175_55_02_tm..._tmp mag600.pdf
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Serviceinstructionsking Seeleygasolinetelegage

Service Instructions King-Seeley Telegage SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS FORTHE K-S GASOLINE TELEGAGE1 Remove Tank filler cap On cars where a hole in filler cap TESTis necessary see that it is free from dirt and open Do notreplace filler cap or drain gas Tank 1 If gas outlet is in Tank Unit disconnect the fuel feed linefrom the top of the Vacuum Tank or fuel pump and blow with2 Try Tank Unit connection to b...

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Inaf Ifsi 2009 18

pito I-67100 L Aquila ItalyINAF IFSI-2009-18 October 2009Dr Giuliano Vannaronigiuliano vannaroni ifsi-roma inaf itDr Roberto Brunoroberto bruno ifsi-roma inaf it1Contents1- Introduction 32- Magnetic field 63- Automatic motion control 144- Vacuum system control 185- Plasma Source 226- Data acquisition 247- Plasma diagnostics 288- Appendix plasma measurements 30Acknowledgments 47References 4721- Int

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Solpal Plumbing Diagram

SOLPAL - PLUMBING Diagram.dft Equipment Schedule1 2 Tag Description Notes1 Heliodyne SolPal ICS Collector When mounted on East West roof planes never tilt South Mount Flush only2 Vacuum Breaker Installing other than shown in manual will void manufacturer warranty3 Pressure Relief Valve 90 psi Watts 3L Installing other than shown will void manufacturer warranty4 Feed Line Drain Valve Normally Close...

http://shop.solardirect.com/pdf/water-heaters/solar-ho...ING DIAGRAM.pdf
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Circular Vacflush 28 02 2012

Vacuum Flushing Tank Cleaning SystemVacFlush Tank Cleaning SystemCircular Tank FlushingApplicationsFlushing storm water surface water combined sewage storm raw sewage storagetanks equalization basinsNo submerged parts No hazardous man entry for services installationPhoto curtsey of KMI WaterPhoto curtsey of KMI WaterPhoto curtsey of KMI WaterVACFLUSH CSO TECHNIK LIMITED PAGE 1 of 8Vacuum Flushing ...

cso.beta.tigauk.net/files/library/files/flushing_system... 28_02_2012.pdf
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Protected Double Wall Tank With Remote Fill

Protected Double Wall Tank with Remote Fill.indd Protected Double Wall Tank with Remote FillEVR SystemTop Fill Option5Direct FillSpill Container 9 26 Overfill Gauge StickAdaptor with Prevention PortDust Cap Valve298 Hose2822 Pressure RetrieverVacuum Vent Dispenser PedestalRemote Fill Box 2Gauge Monitoring 10 26Stick Adaptor Cap Alarm Sensor17 or 27Port Conduit Line to 1 20Check Valve Overfill 9 El...

morbros.com/sites/default/files/Protected Double Wall T...Remote Fill.pdf
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Medical Vacuum

Medical Vacuum brochure.pub Medical Vacuum SystemsProduct Selection GuideNon-contacting Dry ClawDry Rotary VaneLubricated Rotary VaneMedical Vacuum System DesignGeneral DescriptionThe Powerex medical Vacuum system is fully compliantwith the latest edition of NFPA99 and includes multiplevacuum pumps ASME receiver and control panelSingle point connections are provided for system intakeand electrical...

aircompressorsales.com/Powerex/med...ical vacuum.pdf
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Pst 050

Vacuum Components Catalog Vacuum Pump Sputter Ion Pump Components Division ULVAC IncActer Pump PST-050CU PST-050AUExternal Dimension Diagram unit mmVacuum PumpMagnetic Flux Density Leakage Pumping Speed Curve100100 AA mm ss3GG3CU AU N N2CU AU 2BBFF CC -1410 -1Magnetic flux density leakage T x 10 410Magnetic flux density leakage T x 10E DDBB E EE1010 F FAA CCGGDDPumping SpeedPumping Speed1 1-210 -2...

ulvac.com/userfiles/files/Vacuum Pu...mps/PST-050.pdf
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