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Context Clues Article

Microsoft Word - Context Clues article.doc Context Clue StrategiesSummary Using Context Clues to decipher unfamiliar words is an important vocabulary skill forany student In an article from The Reading Teacher adapted from Valerie Ellery s CreatingStrategic Readers activities and best practices are given for teaching Context cluesPractical ApplicationsThe following activity is suggested to help st...

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Gr4 Determine The Meaning

Determine the Meaning | Context Clues Worksheets for 4th Grade Determine Name the MeaningWrite each underlined word in the blank Circle the letter of the word that most closely matched theunderlined word in the sentence Use the other words in the sentence as Clues to the correct meaning1 A banquet of roasted meat was served after the duke s marriage A fork B yummy C dinner D re2 They composed a le...

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Context Clues Practice Sentences

Microsoft Word - Context Clues Practice Sentences guess def and then secondpage write def 2-1-10.doc Context Clues PracticeName Hour Date Each person in the group needs their copy On your own you must try to define theunderlined words using the text of the sentence Write a short definition of the underlinedword in the space below the sentence1 The child s uncontrollable behavior worried the grand...

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2012hsrdg Prescriptionsuccess Weeklycalendar4

Microsoft Word - 2012HSRdgPrescriptionSuccessWeeklyCalendar4.docx BCPS Secondary Reading Department Last Update January 19 2012 12012 High School Reading Prescription for Success Weekly Planning CalendarNGSSS BENCHMARKS FOCUS RESEARCH BASEDDATES INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES QUESTION STEMSCONTENT SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE STRATEGIESJan 30 to Core Resources Core Resources Close reading of complex texts Use the ...

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Phonics Practice Book Grade 2 Hsp Cor P Emozo

Download Phonics Practice Book: Grade 2.pdf Free Phonics Practice Book Grade 2By Hsp CORScott Foresman READING Grade 2 - Marion County Public SchoolsScott Foresman READING Grade 2 Ratio 1 22 SCHOOL DATE PERSON 25-163-2 21 95Phonics Workbook Blackline Masters Answer Key Teacher s Edition 25-166-1 5 25 AND PRACTICEBOOK 2 2 25-166-2 5 25 GRAMMAR PRACTICE BOOKwww marion k12 fl us dept cur materials...

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Second And Thrid Grade Supply List

Microsoft Word - Second and Thrid Grade Supply List.docx Second Third Grade Supply List1 Zip Style 2 Green Binder with strap2 packs 24 count Crayola crayons2 yellow highlighters1 rectangular canvas pencil pouch1 red plastic pocket folder with holes Home Communication1 blue plastic pocket folder with holes Science Social Studies1 purple plastic pocket folder with holes - Math1 yellow plastic pocket...

bb.franklin-academy.org/docs/Second and Thrid Grade Sup...Supply List.pdf
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6th Grade Standards2012

The California Content Standards for Grade Six Pacific Grove Unified School DistrictDear Parent GuardianWell-communicated standards provide you with the information you need to have a better understanding of what yourchild is to learn in a specific Grade level and in a specific subject Your knowledge of the standards will help you frameyour questions for parent-teacher conferences and counselor co...

pgmiddle.org/6th Grade St...andards2012.pdf
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Fifth Grade Pacing Guide For Reading 0910[1]

Microsoft Word - Fifth Grade Pacing Guide for Reading 0910[1] Fifth Grade Pacing Guide for Reading 2009-2010Quarter One Quarter Two Quarter Three Quarter Four1 04 Use word reference 1 04 Use word reference 1 04 Use word reference 1 04 Use word referencematerials e g glossary materials e g glossary materials e g glossary materials e g glossarydictionary thesaurus online dictionary thesaurus online ...

p1cdn1static.sharpschool.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_2...ing 0910[1].pdf
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5th Grade Parent Link December

Parent Links 5th Grade December 2011 OBJECTIVES RESOURCESFact and OpinionIdentify Fact Opinion Literacy Fact and Opinionth5 Grade Fact and Opinion Tank GameCompare and Contrast nonfictionCompare and ContrastVocabulary skills synonyms compound wordsREADING meaning through Context Clues Context Clues Interactive QuizTreasure s Reading SeriesPrefix Meaning GamesPrefixIdentify action verbs VerbsMaggie...

npd117.net/cms/lib02/IL01001910/Centricity/Domain/537/5...nk December.pdf
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3rd Grade Ca Mapping

Grade LEVEL(S): 7 8 9 10 11 12 LUCY WORTHAM JAMES ELEMENTARY SCHOOLK-5 CURRICULUM MAPPINGRDGRADE LEVEL 3 Grade SUBJECT CA1ST QUARTER 2ND QUARTER 3RD QUARTER 4TH QUARTERSA 1 1 Foxes SA 2 1 Dogs SA 3 1 Cherry Tree SA 4 1 StarfishR3Cac Text Features story elements-setting plot characters themes etc and R1Haf Post Reading explain the relationship between main R2Ba Literary Technique R3Cf ...

stjschools.org/bkrueger/3rd grade... CA mapping.pdf
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Dropped Spis For Grade 4 Tcap In 2013 14

Grade 4 - TCAP 2013-14 There will be 12 dropped State Performance Indicators SPIs for English Language Arts on the 2013-14TCAP These have been marked in red on this documentLanguageSPI 0401 1 1 Identify the correct use of nouns i e common and proper plurals possessives and pronouns i esubject object and agreement within contextSPI 0401 1 2 Identify the correct use of verbs i e agreement tenses act...

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Second Grade Ela Curriculum Unit 1

Orange Board of Education ORANGE PUBLIC SCHOOLSOFFICE OF CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTIONOFFICE OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTSSecond GradePARCC Aligned Curriculum GuideSchool Year 2014-20151Orange Board of EducationSecond Grade ELA CurriculumUnit 12Orange Board of EducationPurpose of This UnitThe purpose of this document is to provide teachers with a set of lessons that are standards-based and aligned with th...

orange.k12.nj.us/cms/lib7/NJ01000601/Centricity/Domain/...ulum Unit 1.pdf
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Incomplete Grade Petition 10 13

incomplete Grade petition contract Incomplete Grade PolicyIn extenuating circumstances an Incomplete I Grade may be assigned at the instructor s discretion and inaccordance with the eligibility requirements set forth below Students may request an I Grade for more timeto complete required coursework which s he was prevented from completing in a timely manner due to non-academic reasons Students wil...

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Grade 4 Unit Weeks 7 12 All

4th Grade ELA Curriculum Unit Map Weeks 7-12 Lesson SeedsTable of ContentsPage SeedCurriculum Standards Map1 Unit Overview1 RI 4 23Summarize informational text2 RI 4 44Use Context Clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases3 RI 4 35Explain events in a historical text4 RI 4 37Explain what happened and why it happened in a scientific text5 RI 4 38Explain steps in a technical proce...

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0 1st Grade Content Standards I Can Statements

North Ridgeville City Schools Academic Content StandardsI Can Statements For First GradeLANGUAGE ARTSPhonemic Awareness Word Recognition and Fluency1 I can tell the difference between letters words and sentences2 I can say the beginning and ending sounds in words3 I can match sounds to letters and letter patterns4 I can sound out letters to read words5 I can use word families to sound out unfamili...

nrcs.k12.oh.us/Downloads/0-1st grade content standards ... statements.pdf
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Fourth Grade Life Science Lesson Plan

How Scientific Focus Life Science - Food Chains and Food Webs4th GradeEssestial question How are animals dependent on plantsCore Standard 5 Structures and Functions of Living SystemsCompare and contrast how plants and animals meet their energy needs Describehow all animals are directly or indirectly dependent upon plants for their foodIndicators3 4 4 Describe that almost all kinds of animals food ...

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Fcatachievelevel Descriptions Readgrade8

Grade 8 FCAT 2.0 Reading ALDs Grade 8 FCAT 2 0 ReadingAchievement Level DescriptionsFlorida Department of Education Office of AssessmentUpdated January 2013Grade 8 FCAT 2 0 Reading Reporting Category VocabularyStudents performing at the mastery level of this reporting category will be able to use multiple strategies to determine the meaning ofgrade-appropriate vocabulary wordsAchievement Level Ach...

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Core Knowledge Unit Plan History - Geography - Government Grade 5NATIVE AMERICANS CULTURE AND CONFLICTSGrade Level Fifth GradeWritten by Christine Telford Dysart Elementary El Mirage AZLength of Unit Five to six weeks 21 lessonsI ABSTRACTThe focus of this unit is Native American cultures across much of North America It is a hands-onunit with Language Arts connections that allow students to underst...

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278181 Pdf T 1290958692

SVUSD LANGUAGE ARTS CURRICULAR MAP for Grade 6 CHAPTER 1 Structures Building Blocks of Meaning Minimum Course of Study TRIMESTER 1STANDARDS SKILLS STRATEGIES CONCEPTS GRAMMAR WRITINGReading 1 4 2 1 3 3 Identifying sentence sentence Literary skills Writing Workshop 6fragment Plot and Setting HLLA Writing ParagraphsSpelling 1 0 Identifying subject and Predicate Idioms Pgs 647A-657Retelling the story...

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6th Grade Reading Unit 1 Boy 2013 2

Microsoft Word - 6th Grade Reading Unit 1 Boy.doc UNIT 1 Boy Tales of ChildhoodEssential Question What makes me who I amWEEKLY CALENDAR October DecemberWeek Guiding Questions Topics Lessons Assessments Key Vocabularydiagnostic formativesummative interim1 Genres of Response to Video Literary TermsWhat is an autobiography Making Connections Genre point of viewautobiography and biography and autobiog...

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Grade 4 Math Unit 3 Curriculum

Commercial Township Public Schools Common Core CurriculumContent Area EnVision Math Grade 4Unit Plan Title Unit 3Unit Summary This unit will cover pattern concepts including multiplication factpatterns repeating patterns number sequences extending pattern tables writingpattern rules geometric patterns fraction concepts includingcomparing ordering fractions adding fractions with like denominators i...

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Seventh Grade Summary

CALIFORNIA STATE BOARD ADOPTED STANDARDSSEVENTH GRADEEnglish Language ArtsMathematicsHistory Social ScienceSciencePhysical EducationVisual Performing ArtsCompiled byShoob PhotographyENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS2 5 Understand and explain the use of a simpleREADING mechanical device by following technicaldirectionsExpository Critique1 0 Word Analysis Fluency 2 6 Assess the adequacy accuracy and appropriate...

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Third Grade Reading Wonders Skill Snapshop

Third Grade Reading Wonders Unit 1Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5Strategy Visualize Visualize Ask and Answer Ask and Answer Ask and AnswerSkill Character Sequence Sequence Cause and Effect Main Idea Key DetailGenre Fantasy Realistic Fiction Narrative Nonfiction Biography Expository TextVocabulary Synonyms Sentence Clues Compound Words Figurative Language Multi-meaning WordsUnit 2Week 1 Week 2 W...

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Grade 2 Math Pacing Guide 2012 13 8 14 12 Final

Grade 2 Mathematics Prince William County Pacing Guide2012-2013Teacher focus groups have assigned a given number of days to each unit based on their experiences andknowledge of the curriculum It is critical that teachers stay as close as possible to the pacing guidelinesto ensure that all of the Standards of Learning have been taught prior to the SOL Test and that aschildren move within the Divisi...

pennington.schools.pwcs.edu/modules/groups/homepagefile...14.12 FINAL.pdf
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FIRST Grade—FIRST NINE WEEKS FOURTH Grade FIRST GRADING PERIODPacing Guide for Petersburg City Public Schools NOTE REFER TO CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK FOR SPECIFIC SKILLSRevised Summer 2014Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9Sept 2-5 Sept 8-12 Sept 15-19 Sept 22-26 Sept 29-Oct 3 Oct 6-10 Oct 13-17 Oct 20-24 Oct 27-Nov 3Testing Dates BenchmarkAssessment to REMEDIATION AND ENRI...

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Standards Checklist For Grade

Standards Checklist for Grade F Focus StandardA Activity AssessmentStandard Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6Reading Informational TextsKey Ideas and Details1 Read closely support conclusions2 Central ideas summarize3 Analyze developmentsCraft and Structure4 Interpret words and phrases5 Analyze text structure6 Point-of-view or purposeIntegration of Knowledge and Ideas7 Integrate and evalu...

aplcpd.wikispaces.com/file/view/Standards Checklist for...t for Grade.pdf
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Grade1 Ela

1ST Grade ELA SCOPE AND SEQUENCE EARLY FIRST QUARTER LATE FIRST QUARTERPhonemic Awareness Word Recognition and Fluency Phonemic Awareness Word Recognition and FluencyA Use letter-sound correspondence knowledge and structural analysis to decode words A Use letter-sound correspondence knowledge and structural analysis to decode wordsB Demonstrate fluent oral reading using sight words and decoding sk...

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Microsoft Word - Method to upload an excel Grade file from Bb to SAP.docx Method to upload an excel Grade file from Bb to SAP WLushbaugh and DFowler1 Download entire Grade Center from Bb and remove all cols except for the student namesand final Grade cols Student numbers in Bb are wrongThe final grades should be expressed as a SCORE 98 rather than a Grade 98 as this isreally 0 98 If the final grad...

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Microsoft Word - 6thGradeFocusCalendar Grade 6 Social Studies Units of Study2013 - 2014Social Studies Unit 1 Geography Unit 2 Continue Unit 3 Government Unit 4 EconomicsSetting up Geography WorldGrade 6 Reader s Writer s CivilizationsWorkshopKey Skills The student will be able to The student will be able to use The student will be able to The student will be able to applyuse geographic resources t...

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DOCUMENT MESH S Er 154 373 CS 004 109AUTHOR Allington Richard L Strange michaelTITLE Prediction Processes in Good and Foor ReadersPUB DATE Dec 77NOTE 13p Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of theNational Reading Conference 27th Neu OrleansLouisiana December 1-3 1977EDRS PRICE MF - 0 83 HC-S1 67 Plus PostageDESCRIPTORS Context Clues Decoding Reading ElementaryEducation Grade 2 Grade 4 Graphemes ...

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