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Smart Goals

Microsoft Word - Smart-Goals.docx USING RATING SCALES FOR GOAL WRITINGMaking Goals Specific MeasurableSMART GoalsSpecific Who what when where how What exactly do you want to accomplishMeasurable How will you know if you have reached your goal Document intensity frequency duration ofsymptomsAttainable A reasonable expectation within a certain treatment period Decide if the change is reasonable Isth...

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Smart Goals Group Recovery Worksheet

Smart Goals group recovery worksheet S M A R T GoalsWhat is something that you really want to doS specificM measurableA acheivableR realisticT timely2011 by Michael K De Rosa For use of this article please contact author at dismantling disabilitiesPage 1 of 2 S M A R T GoalsPurpose of this ExerciseWhen individuals learn to set Goals that are practical there will be betterchances for their success ...

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2013 2014 Strategic Plan A Smart Goals Year Two Deliverables

Strategic Plan – Smart Goals Year Two Deliverables SAU 41 Strategic Plan2013-2014 Goals and DeliverablesStrategic PlanYear Two Deliverables2013-2014Goal 1SAU41 will strive to continuously improve each student s level of achievement and growthStrategy 1 1Create a cohesive comprehensive curriculum instruction and assessment system aligned to the Common Core StandardsSMART GOAL DeliverableBy June 2...

sau41.org/SAU/leadership/status/2013-2014 Strategic Pla...eliverables.pdf
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Dep Ig

Proposed Inspector General Smart Goals Florida Department of Environmental ProtectionLeadership ManagementSupervise and direct the activities of auditors investigators and administrative staff in the OIG Ensure thatOIG staff is achieving the standards set forth in the Smart Goals identified for that employee Accuratelydocuments employees performance in evaluationsReview work product of staff to en...

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Smart Goals

Microsoft Word - Smart Goals Creating S M A R T GoalsSpecificMeasurableAttainableRealisticTimelySpecific - A specific goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goalTo set a specific goal you must answer the six W questionsWho Who is involvedWhat What do I want to accomplishWhere Identify a locationWhen Establish a time frameWhich Identify requirements and constraintsWhy S...

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Smart Goals 07mar06

Smart Goals – for PDPToolbox – Goal section Smart Goals for PDPToolbox Goal sectionSMART Goalsare what give SPECIFICITY and MEASURABILITY to our prioritiesorganize our improvement efforts Collectively and cumulatively they de e the vision innways that are both ACTIONABLE and ATTAINABLEfocus on the learning RESULTS not on the teachingprovide direction de e outcomes and communicate expectations ...

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Pltagendaandminutes Verticalk 2 Track4 12 7 11

Norms Code of Conduct Smart Goals Members in AttendanceBe on time for the meeting Seek baseline reading Carter Elmore GretaSeek positive solutions and math data using Bostic Lara BartholowBarwell Start meetings on a positive AIMSweb and mClass Cady Mack Gaddis BethAlston Ruth DeanRoad Renaissance note for K-2 students by Megan Perry JoniElementary School Meetings are data-centered 2 1 12 Fowler Sa...

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CSIP/Smart Goals Worksheet CSIP Smart Goals WorksheetSchool SOHS Team Name Math Dept 08-09 Lead Teacher McCloskeyTeam Members Beall Pavon Carr McCloskey Law Holder Tran Wilson Foster MayGoal s By 2009 student learning will increase in mathematicsStrategies Action Evidence ofTeam Smart Goals Steps Responsibility Timeline EffectivenessIncrease open response mean Teachers will Pavon May 09 Performanc...

oldham.kyschools.us/sohs/files/Old Site.../CSIPmath08.pdf
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Fmc Top Tip Smart Goals

FMC Top Tip Smart Goals.sdr D d dt n d f D fnD d d f D Zd Kf f t f f f f nn f n D Zd f f f fn n n f n f f ff f f fn t nn fn f D Zd f ft f nn f f f D Zd f f ffn n t f d df fn n nf n f f z f f D Zd f f nff f fnf f f fD D f ft f f f D Zdnf fnn f ff ft fn f f fnff ffn ff df f f fff d n fZ Z f d f fnf f f......

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Swya P 10 Smart Goal Setting

SWYA p 10 Smart GOAL SETTING.qxp Start Where You Are magazine 2010 2011 curriculum pages 10 11Setting Smart goalsObjective Students will write personal Goals involving saving or spending money will understand whatit takes to set Smart Goals will describe what s missing from their personal goal statements that wouldmake them Smart and will rewrite their goal statements to meet Smart standardsGrade ...

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Functionsense Com Smart Goals

FunctionSense.comSMART-Goals.xlsx Setting Smart GoalsWhen setting Goals there are some basic principals that should be used these principals are referred to in an acronym as Smart Goals should be Specific Measureable Attainable Realistic and TimelyThe following are some short definations of the five parts of Smart Goals To see a more detailed definition check out the Goal Setting Guide Websitehttp...

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Smart Goal Worksheet

Smart Goal Worksheet Smart Goal WorksheetUse this worksheet to set one or two Goals for yourself using the Smart guidelinesMy goal isSpecificHow will I do itWhat when where and howMeasurableHow will I measure itHow much how manyAttainableIs this something I can doRewardingIs this something I want to doTimelyHow often or when will I do thisStaying on trackWrite down the names of people you can ask ...

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Effective Goals & Interventions

Effective Goals Interventions GoalsThis course is designed to help you develop practical strategies and so at theend of the Assessment section you ll set 3 Goals to start applying your learningIt s important that you consider these carefully becauseThey should enable you to start developing and implementing newintervention strategies with your learnerThey are a significant contribution to the work...

inclusiononline-nz.net/guides/participant/Effective Goa...terventions.pdf
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What Makes A Goal Smarter

ESE Smart Goals Workshop Handout 5: What Makes a Goal SMARTer? What makes a Goal SMARTer 1Good Goals help educators schools and districts improve That is why the educator evaluationregulations require educators to develop Goals that are specific actionable and measurable Theyrequire too that Goals be accompanied by action plans with benchmarks to assess progressThe Smart Goal framework is a useful...

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G9 7 12 Settinggoals1

Setting Goals SETTING GOALS1The BIG IdeaHow can I set Goals that workAGENDA MATERIALSApprox 45 minutes PORTFOLIO PAGESI Warm Up Smarties Portfolio pages 1 2 Ninth Grade Goals10 minutesSTUDENT HANDBOOK PAGESII Smart Goals 10 minutes Student Handbook page 6III What s Your Goal Smart Goals Record Sheet10 minutes Student Handbook page 7Setting Smart GoalsIV Your Own Smart Goal10 minutes Student Handbo...

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Microsoft Word - Sample Pathways Smart Goal August, 2010.doc Sample Pathways Smart Goal complete improvement planning cycle August 2010Board Improvement PlanningMany districts have requested support with Smart Goals The Ministry of Education Board ImprovementPlan for Student Achievement working group offers this as a Sample Pathways goal The ImprovementPlanning Assessment Tool was used as a guide ...

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Evaluating Smart Goals

Evaluating My Smart Goal My name is and my goal isThis goal is important to me becauseWhat I have to do to reach this goalWhat are potential obstacles and how can I overcome themWhat will happen if I reach this goalWhat will happen if I don t reach this goalWho can help me achieve this goalOther resources I need to reach this goalI will know I reached it when Is my goal feasible Yes NoHow much co...

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Map Smart Goals

Microsoft Word - Smart Goals.doc Mission Action Planning in the Diocese of St AlbansSMART GoalsS Specific and StretchingA goal should be specific in its Aim and ObjectivesWork on producing the best wording will pay dividends in the long-termIt should also take you on from your current situationIt shouldn t simply be a statement of what s already happeningM MeasurableIt is important to be able to s...

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Setting SMARTer Goals You may have heard of Smart Goals Specific Measurable Attainable Realisticand Timely but the Coaches Training Institute has a SMARTer formula forsetting Goals and the difference is in the ART of the goal setting This kindof goal setting takes in account your emotions around the goal that they areresonant and thrilling It s about creating Goals that make you feel inspiredHere ...

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Sae Lsn 1

SAE Lesson 1 Career Goals and Objectives Supervised Agricultural Experience UnitAgriculture Food and Natural ResourcesTexas Education AgencyLESSONEstablishing Career Goals and ObjectivesOBJECTIVES1 Identify the components of setting Smart Goals as a class2 Establish a minimum of three short-term and long-term Goals inrelation to their individual school and career interests3 Individually develop co...

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31 Fy13 Smart Goals

FY13 Smart Goals.xlsx FY2013 Smart GoalsGoal 1 User Survey Goal 2 Weighted ProjectResults Completion Goal 3 Completion of PMCR Goal 4 Safety Reportables Goal 5 Site UtilizationSite Target Results Target Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Target Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Target Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Target Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4Buffalo 4 5 0 00 6 26 1 56 3 05 0 0 100 50 50 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 92 100 100 0 0Cornell 4 5 0 00 0 3 0 05 0 1 0 0 100 30 23 0 0 0 0 0 0...

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ence 8ESL Course Sequence 9Financial Aid 10myAVC Frequently Asked Questions 11Student Development and Activities 12Student Health Services 13Student Transfer and Academic Retention S T A R 14AVC Campus Parking 15Learning Center Services TLC 16Goal Setting Smart Goals 18Exam Tips 19Time Management 20Selecting Courses and Managing Your Class Schedule 21My Schedule of Classes 22My Weekly Plan 23Tips

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Literacy Support Role Description

g clients in need of support and returning toeducationOver 18The induction phase lasts for three months whereby the volunteer becomes familiarwith their environment and the running of a drugs agency The volunteer will completethe workbook during their inductionWhat we expect from volunteersTo commit to one day a week for at least six monthsTo be consistent in their attendanceTo have a good knowled

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Collegeguidance Grade10 Planning Guide

Montrose School College Guidance Curriculum 10th Grade Focus Self-Reflection into Self-DirectionStudents are encouraged to take ownership of their unique talents and skillsand to work to combine them with their interests when setting Goals for the future10th grade students will meet quarterly with the College Guidance Counselor With help from theMontrose College Guidance Department students willCh...

montroseschool.org/ftpimages/465/download/collegeguidan...nning guide.pdf
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Field Observation Guide And Rubric

Northern Essex Community College Elementary Education and Liberal Arts Middle High School TeachingAssociate Degree ProgramField ObservationGuidelinesandRubric for Classroom TeacherGood Goals help educators schools and districts improve That is why the educator evaluationregulations require educators to develop Goals that are specific actionable and measurable Theyrequire too that Goals be accompan...

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Goal Setting And Uploading Artifacts

TPEP Eval Goal Setting and Uploading Artifacts.docx TPEP Eval Goal Setting and Uploading ArtifactsGoal SettingLearning TargetsLearn how to use the EVAL tool to create goalsPrior to the MeetingTeacher log in informationTeacher Self Assessment completeDistrict has made a decision about assigning Goals or setting Goals from teacher selfassessmentAgenda 1 hrLearning TargetsReview on how to access 3 mi...

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Mariposa Leadership Team Grade level PLC s Driving Ahead with DataData Director ConferenceOntario CANovember 3 2010Bruce WellenkampMariposa ElementarySchoolOntario CAData Analysis and Action MeetingsThose DAAM MeetingsTimeframe Post benchmark 4 benchmarks per yearUtilize Smart Goals target settingConduct meetings using PLC best practiceincluding 30 minute meeting formatAction planning usingHere s ...

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Instruction Framework Walk Through Form Non Hsa Classes 2

Microsoft Word - InstructionFrameworkWalkThroughFormNonHSAClasses 2 Instructional Framework Walk through Visitation Form Rev September 2013Teacher VisitorDate PeriodFOCUS CIRCLE ONE INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES EVIDENCEP1 KNOW YOUR Highly Effective Mastery ChartsSTUDENTS Effective Student Progress ChartsDeveloping Planned GroupingIneffective Student GoalsP2 SET AND TRACK Highly Effective Smart Goals f...

heritage425.info/assets/documents/framework/Instruction...A_Classes 2.pdf
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Setting Objs And Cascading Goals 061413

Microsoft PowerPoint - SettingObjsandCascadingGoals111512 6 14 2013Goal settingcreates a futureM Y S T R AT E G I C P L A N T R A I N I N GS E T T I N G S T R AT E G I COBJECTIVES AND CASCADINGGOALS16 14 2013M3 BY THE NUMBERSInthe past three years we haveManaged 100 strategic planning processesDeployed 800 strategic management systemsBuilt consensus and commitment with 3 000executives managers boa...

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supporting their journey from early learning through high school completion and beyond2 Provide welcoming high quality learning and working environments3 Enhance public education through communication engagement and partnershipsProfileHuman Resources is committed to providing programs and services which attract develop engage and retain qualified high-performing staff to support the mission of th

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