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Third Grade Frequently Misspelled Word 1

Microsoft Word - Third Grade Frequently Misspelled Word-1.docx Third Grade Frequently Misspelled Wordabout chest grow only stoppedactor chili guild own strainagree choose guilt pail strayairplane churn hair pale streamairport clean haircut pancake streetalike cobweb half past strikealmost coil halfway pear studiesalone could hang pest studyalong cracker hare pick sugaraloud crazy hobbies pinch sun...
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Third Grade Parent Letter

Microsoft Word - Third Grade parent letter.docx November 12 2013Dear Third Grade ParentsI want to inform you that Maestra Hetu has been offered a teaching position in another districtand has decided it was a better fit for her Her last day at Arco Iris will be November 15 2013This was not an easy decision for her but wish her all the bestOur new teacher is Maestra Rodriguez who will be relocating ...
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Third Grade Supply List 2014

Third Grade Supply List Here are some things that will help you with your Third Grade yearStudent scissorsPencil top erasersPack of washable markershighlighters any color3 ring refill notebook paper 2 packs2 folders one to transport homework to and from school and one to keep loose papersin sturdy is best1 box of ziplock bags for math and Word study games1 pair of Headphones for laptops and comput...
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Third Grade Supply List

Microsoft Word - Third Grade Supply List.docx Third Grade Supply List2013 2014Please purchase and label the following items1 Package of Large Broad-Tip Dry Erase Markers1 Eraser for a Dry Erase Board2 Packs 2 Pencils 24 count1 Pack of Pencil Top Erasers1 Box Crayons 24 count1 Pack of Colored Pencils 12 count1 Pack Unscented Washable Markers 8 10 count1 Pair of 6-Inch Pointed Scissors3 Large Glue S... G...Supply List.pdf
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Rising Third Grade Letter

Microsoft Word - Rising Third Grade Letter Dear Rising Third Grade ParentsThird Grade is a critical Grade in your child s growth and academic development In aneffort to help your child transition into Third Grade we have listed the content that is covered inthird Grade Please take the time to view and examine all the aspects of the Third GradeCurriculumStudy skillsUnder the Common Core Standards t... Letter.pdf
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