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Ca 200 Ic 1103

PCA5461ConservAIRCA-200FINAL.indd ConservAIRIntermediate Control PatentedSection 110Bulletin Ca-2002What is ConservAIRConservAIR is the concept of controlling the demand side of acompressed air system utilizing an Intermediate Control flow device50 of air supplied by thecompressors is wasted An Intermediate Control monitors and stabilizes air pressure byadjusting flow The I C releases air from sto... IC 1103.pdf
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Industrial Commission AJF CUSTOM v QUINTEROAppellate Case Information Dept CompositionCase Filed 1-May-2014 Department ACase Closed Hon Andrew W GouldHon Maurice PortleyHon Jon W ThompsonSide 1 AJF CUSTOM HOMES TRAVELERS PROPERTY CASUALTY CO OF AMERICA PetitionerLitigant Group AJF CUSTOM HOMES TRAVELERS PROPERTY CASUALTY CO OF AMERICAAJF Custom Homes LLC Petitioner Employer Attorney for Petitioner...\IC\IC140033.P...IC\IC140033.PDF
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Aal Phx May2013 Lr Part26

Workers Comp Law Travel expenses in workers comp cases are not always reimbursableOne of the frequent questions I get as a workers compensation attorney is whether travel expenses forattending medical treatment are reimbursable As perplexing as this may sound the majority of themileage gained on one s vehicles and fuel dollars lost by traveling injured workers is not reimbursableTravel reimburseme...
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