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Ece 610 Broadband Communication Networks Winter 2012Instructor Prof Catherine RosenbergEIT 3139Tel 84510E-mail cath Ece uwaterloo caLecture Schedule Monday 11 30 to 14 20 in RCH 309Course website Any course announcements or material will be included on the web site atwww Ece uwaterloo ca cath ece610w12O ce hours I m available for questions and discussion after most lectures but I m also happyto me...
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Ece 430/530 Ece 430 530Fiber Optic CommunicationsHW 3 Due 3 25 09A 200 m long In GaAsP laser with an active area of 0 2 m 8 m emits light at 1 55m wavelength and has an internal loss of 35 cm-1 It operates in single mode with aneffective index of 3 3 and the group index of 3 5 The applied voltage across the laser is2 45 V The internal efficiency of the laser is 0 751 a Determine the photon lifetim...
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Ece 425ABET Ece 425 - Analysis Design of Integrated CircuitsFall Semester 2011Catalog Data Ece 425 Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuits Credit 3Analysis and design of analog integrated circuits in advanced MOS and bipolartechnologies Device operation and compact modeling in support of circuit simulationsneeded for design Emphasis on quantitative evaluations of performance using handcalculati...
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Agendaece Gmail

Documentation ES Agenda Ece Gmail Equipe Syst meR cup rer son agenda Ece sur GmailR alis par Caroline MoncombleLe 12 09 2011But du tutorielTu utilises Gmail et tu souhaites afficher ton edt Ece sur ton Agenda Gmail Ce tuto est faitpour toiSyst me d exploitation requisWINDOWS MAC DISTRIBUTION LINUX DISTRIBUTIONDISTRIBUTIONDocs ES Ece Page 1Documentation ES Agenda Ece GmailTable des mati resI R cup ...
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Ece 8580 Theoertical Neurosci Ii Schedule

Ece 8580 Theoretical Neuroscience II Brief description Sensory stimuli and neural responses Neural encoding and decodingincluding firing rate and spike statistics reverse correlation and visual receptive fields Modelingof neurons and neural circuits on the basis of cellular and synaptic biophysics Adaptation andlearning including plasticity classical conditioning reinforcement learning and represe...
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