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TERMS AND CONDITIONS WITH FRANKLINS SOLICITORS the interests of ensuring that we maintain high standards of service to youTERMS AND CONDITIONS WITH FRANKLINS SOLICITORS LLP we do permit external audit of our systems by our financial auditors theLegal Expense Insurer auditors for ISO 9001 Lexcel Conveyancing Quality Scheme and theassessors for Investors in People As a result your file may be called...
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er andobtain the other driver s name address and insurance details If you areunsure of the third party details report the matter to the police Alwaysnotify the matter to your own insurer4 Visit the Accident Emergency Department of the local hospital or if theinjury is not serious make an appointment to see your GP for a check upEarly treatment such as physiotherapy will often assist5 Keep receipts
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extra costDeductibles will not apply to Legal Expense coverageDefence costs in excess of the limit of liability Therefore defence costs will not erode your limitof liability25 000 defence costs coverage for regulatory investigations no deductible appliesVicarious liability for the advisor s personal corporation or firm250 000 defence costs coverage is available for non-producing branch manager for
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ansporting and storing Your BoatArticle 4 YOUR Insurer S 10 COMMITMENTSArticle 5 YOUR DUTIESArticle 6 HOW THE POLICY WORKS6 1 Time6 2 Space6 3 Premiums6 4 Indexation rate6 5 Cancellation6 6 Limitation period6 7 SubrogationArticle 7 PROTECTING YOUR INTERESTS7 1 Free look period for remote sales7 2 Free look period for door-to-door sales7 3 Professional confidence7 4 Duty to stand down7 5 Investigat
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Everyone deserves Legal protection At LegalShield we ve been offering Legal plans to our members for over 40 years creating a world whereeveryone can access Legal protection and everyone can afford it Unexpected Legal questions arise everyday and with LegalShield on your side you ll have access to a quality law firm 24 7 for covered personalsituations From real estate to divorce advice speeding ti...
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