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oughness we really needed roughness for the copepodtoo if the appendages grow and or present themselves with di erent length scale ratioswith respect to the original characteristic length scale of the copepod s size hence wehaveCD g ReDFirst let s consider a sphere As already discussed the L2 term is typically taken as anarea Hence for a sphere we take L2 D2 4 where D is the diameter of the sphere
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d to travel the distance L As this can be considered an advectiveprocess we will call the time scale adv Since the entire right-hand-side of the aboveequation is dimensionless the remaining terms L2 must also have the dimension oftime and hence be a timescale This is the time it takes momentum to di use by viscousaction across the distance L and we will call this time scale visc Hence we havevisc
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F11 3310 L09 Notes
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CEE3319.dvi Chapter 3Control Volume Analysis3 1 ReviewHydrostatic force on curved surfacesPressure PrismLine of Action3 2 Systems Control VolumesA system is a particular collection of matter separated from everything external by imag-inary or real closed boundaries4748A systems mass is conserved This is so fundamental in solid mechanics that it is notoften written downdmm const or 0dtwhich is a fu...
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Microsoft Word - CEE331Lab3-edited.doc CEE 331 Lab 3 Page 1 of 8Lab 3 Conservation Equations and the Hydraulic JumpCEE 331 Fall 2003SafetyThe major safety hazard in this laboratory is a shock hazard Given that you will be workingwith water and items running on standard line voltages the computer you should pay attentionto the possibility of electric shock The two flumes have a few very small leaks...
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