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Use Of 2n Gametes In Plant Breeding

Use Of 2n Gametes In Plant Breeding 4Use Of 2n Gametes In Plant BreedingA Dewitte1 K Van Laere2 and J Van Huylenbroeck21KATHO Catholic University College Of Southwest FlandersDepartment Of Health Care and Biotechnology2Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research ILVOPlant Sciences UnitBelgium1 IntroductionGenome doubling polyploidization has played a major role In the evolution anddiversific...
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Short Version Gipb Planning And Assessment Tool

“Introduction to a work In progress”: Assessing Plant Breeding capacity and functionality A simple method from GIPB Developingassessment and rating tools forPlant Breeding Capacityand Functionality24 May 2010 FAO AGPMG new unitPresented by Ann Marie ThroNational Program Leader Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources1 202 401 6702 fax 1 202 401 4888 athro nifa usda govBased on a GIPB white pape... version GIPB Planning and Ass...ssment Tool.pdf
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Napb May

Plant Breeding Coordinating CommitteeNAPB NewsletterEvents and OpportunitiesMay 2014Contents4th annual NAPB and 8th annual PBCC meeting Minneapolis MN 5-8 August 2014NAPB AwardsOpportunities meetings scholarships funding etcJoin NAPBAnnouncing the 4th Annual Meeting Of theNational Association Of Plant Breeders8th Annual Meeting Of the Plant BreedingCoordinating CommitteeAugust 5-8 2014Meeting Regi...
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Wisconsin Cranberry Of The Future A Basic Plant Breeding Approach

The Wisconsin Cranberry Of the Future A Basic Plant Breeding ApproachBrent McCown and Eric ZeldinDepartment Of HorticultureUniversity Of Wisconsin-MadisonMadison WI 53706For only about five years now we have been pursuing a limited Breeding program withthe overall goal Of genetically improving the cranberry for Wisconsin growers This workresulted In large part from the initiative provided by the G...
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Sa2011 A0302

Section 3 Genetics Plant Breeding and Seed Production Prou avanje otpornosti kukuruza premaantraknozi stabljikeBranko PALAVER I Mirko JUKI Zdravko KOZI Antun VRAGOLOVI IvicaBUHINI EKBc Institut za oplemenjivanje i proizvodnju bilja d d Zagreb Rugvica Dugoselska 7 10370 Dugo Selo Hrvatskae-mail mjukic bc-institut hrSa etakAntraknoza stabljike koju uzrokuje Colletotrichum graminicola Ces Wils je zna...
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