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pirmanual.Pdf INFRARED PARTSMANUALRE200BFL65S211FLGLOLABCORPORATIONThank you for buying our Pyroelectric Infrared componentsThe goal of Glolab is to produce top quality electronic kits products and componentsAll of our kits are designed by Glolab engineers and tested in our laboratoryMechanical devices prototypes and enclosures are fabricated in our precision machineshopGlolab Corporation has two ...
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Kc7789m 1

lifier to provide TTL output signal O PGNDHigh sensitivity with special noise cancellation White coatdesignStandard ConfigurationHigh immunity to RFI and line noisePIR Sensor Re200b dual element from NiceraSignal will not output within 25 sec when power upFresnel Lens the module comes without lens but for theSignal output is 0 5sec minshort distance application a cap lens will be supplied as anLow
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Sensing Pyroelectric Infrared Motion Detector Psoc Style An2105 12

aterial thatPIR sensors allow motion detectors to be built that do not generates a surface charge when exposed to infraredrequire a stimulus signal Relying only on a body s radiation As the amount of radiation changes so does theradiated infrared radiation a passive detector is less charge Being a high impedance signal a FET is used toexpensive to construct buffer this potential as shown in Figure
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