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Crime Lab Response To Frank Zimring 20131016 Final

A response to Franklin Zimring s critique of the University of Chicago Crime Lab analysis of Illinois HB2265 SB2267 Sentence Enhancements for Unlawful Use of a Weapon UUW OffensesOctober 16 2013Jens LudwigUniversity of Chicagojludwig uchicago eduRecently in the Chicago Sun-Times University of California at Berkeley law professor Franklin Zimringargued that the analysis of HB2265 SB2267 carried out...
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The New Online Writing Lab Sign Up Student

The New Online Writing Lab Sign Up Requesting an Appointment StudentClick on the Students tab of the Hinsdale South web pageThen select Writing Lab Sign Up from the Quick Links menu on the left sideof the webpageNext you should see a site thatlooks like a calendar gridTo make anappointment justscroll to the date using the Previous Week and Following Week links at the top of the calendar grid or ju... ...p (Student).pdf
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Numerical methods for Physics and Astrophysics Lab exercises P AjithInternational Centre for Theoretical Sciences Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Bangalore 560012 IndiaDated February 4 2015I Lab 1A Finite di erencing convergence error estimatesWe derived the following nite-di erencing approximants for the derivative of a function f xf x h f xForward di erencing f x h O h 1 1f x f x hBackwar...
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Science Lab Equipment Notes

Microsoft Word - Science Lab Equipment study sheet-2.doc Science Lab Equipment Study SheetApparatus Description Use NameGlass As a container cupCommon Sizes Stirring Mixing Pouring BEAKER100 250 400 1000 mL HeatingGlassUsually marked with a To measure volumemilliliter mL scale GRADUATED CYLINDERGlassA Common Sizes 125 250 May be heated a ERLENMEYER FLASKB 500 ml b ROUND BOTTOM FLASKGlass Many uses...
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Half Life M And M Lab

M&M Half Life Lab Name Date Period Candium Half Life LabPurpose To use candy pieces and model the decay of a typical isotope with respectto half-lifeMaterials100 Pieces of M M s Skittles 1 napkin or paperor pennies towel2 Styrofoam plates Pen PencilMS ExcelProcedure1 With a partner count out 100 pieces of candy into a bag cup2 Seal the bag cup3 GENTLY shake the bag 5-10 seconds to move the candi... and M lab.pdf
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